CHEM 329-331

Need more information on organic chemistry? Want more study tips? This is the site where I collect useful online study materials for organic chemistry. There are many places on the internet to find help in supplementing course material or learning a different perspective on the concepts of organic chemistry. One of the easiest places to find information is on Wikipedia. Or you can see the videos posted at the Khan Academy.

One of the best sites I have found is Master Organic Chemistry–it’s enormous and very helpful. It’s geared towards the full year sequence, but much of the information is useful for CHEM 320 as well. See, for example the guidelines on why organic chemistry is quite a bit different than general chemistry: General vs. Organic. Or read about whether Organic Chemistry is “hard”. Click around–there is much useful information here. There is one page devoted to Organic 1 topics, and another devoted to Organic 2 topics.

If you find a website or webpage that is especially helpful to you, from either the suggested sites above or any other site that you find, send it to me with a short description of what is in it and why you find it helpful. I will post it here, and you will get up to 10 points extra credit for each one.