JINS 362 Extraterrestrial Life

Links to Assigned Readings

George Gaylord Simpson, “The Nonprevalence of Humanoids,” Science, 143 (1964): 769-75.

Links to Presentation Readings

“Toward a Geography of Mars,” in K. Maria D. Lane, Geographies of Mars: Seeing and Knowing the Red Planet, Chicago: University Of Chicago Press, 2010.

NOVA interview on life on Mars

NASA websites on Mars exploration
Overall NASA Mars site (links on bottom left are to individual missions currently in operation)
Missions page (see links to various pages on NASA goals and individual past and present missions)

NOVA interview on the origins of life

John Pfeiffer, et al, Responses to Simpson, Science, 144, no. 3619 (1964): 613-15.

T. B. H. Kuiper and M. Morris, “Searching for Extraterrestrial Civilizations,” Science, 196, (1977), pp. 616-621. (on JSTOR)

NOVA interview with Peter Ward

Frank J. Tipler. “Extraterrestrial Intelligence: A Sceptical View of Radio Searches.” Science 219 (January 14, 1983): 110-11.